e-mail marketing

E-mail Marketing

The success of your business

Purpose of e-mail marketing

The purpose of email marketing is to increase consciousness, customers’ re-engagement and retention.

Why e-mail marketing is effective?

You stay in contact with your target audience

With email marketing, you have the ability to keep your customer informed. Those emails give them a sense of interest.

You reach your customers in real-time

More than 54% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Business owners should take advantage of this when planning a marketing strategy.

People’s engagement with emails

Emails have been, and still are one of our main choices of communication. You can use emails to drive traffic to your site.

Email is an easy way to reach audience

One of the easiest ways to reach and engage potential customers is email marketing. With a delivery rate of about 98.3% email marketing might be better than social media marketing which doesn’t deliver that much.

Emails drive sales and conversions

Emails have a higher conversion rate than other marketing channels like search and social marketing. As an example: shopping cart abandonment emails have an open rate of 65%, a click-through rate of 29% and a conversion rate of 5%.

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